Tri-Lab Kennels 2020 anticipated Litters

This year we will have a limited amount of dogs breed. So if your interested in a puppy this year I would suggest you get on the list soon. Please remember we cannot predict exactly when the females will come in heat. We can only go from the past cycles. All puppies are $1500.00 unless otherwise posted on the pairing. Please serious inquires only
LITTER # 1         Tri-Labs Carol Shelby X Tri-Lab's Rowdy Ranger. This litter will be a all black litter Pups are $1200.00  Shelby was just bred.
These are expected to be born in mid March.
LITTER #2 GMPR x1.5 SH  "Tri-Labs Shooting for the stars Sprig" X Tri-labs Naughty Nala. This is a repeat breeding and will be yellow and blacks. Pups are $1500.00. These are anticipated to be late spring 2020 pups.
      Puppy from past breeding Sprig X Nala
Sprig on Point. More pictures of Sprig can be seen on Stud page.
 Litter #3    
1x5 GMPR,SH Tri-labs Shooting for the starts Sprig X JH Tri-Lab's Awesome Autum.This will be an all yellow litter. This is a repeat breeding. The last litter was awesome. Lots of driver and point in the pups. $1500.00